Otra de ofertas laborales curiosas…

Hago directamente un cortar pegar del mail, a ver vuestra valoración:

This is a part-time position ( HOME WORK) that will take about 2-3 hours of your time per day.
You will have to process incoming correspondence, which could range
from small envelopes with letters to medium-sized packages.
Whenever you receive a package,you will open it, fill in the shipping record form and submit it to your manager.
You don’t need to pay for shipping,
This job would be an ideal solution for people with a flexible schedule.
And it does not require for any investment and you will not need to pay for anything out of your pocket.
The contents will mainly be books, clothing, autospare parts, toys, household appliances, electronics.

You do not have to pay for postal service – I will be sending you shipping labels pre-paid from our corporate
accounts with FedEx, UPS and USPS.

The first week will come to you no more than 10 packages, and then everything will depend on your An opportunity.
SALARY: The compensation of the Employee consists of a fixed salary which
constitutes $20 for every received package.
The salary will be paid at the end of a 30-day probationary period
the first month .After a trial period of pay biweekly.

Any minor expenses in the course of work will be reimbursed the company
(purchase of scotch, paper  for a printing shipping labels and  invoice , etc)

If you have a main job and would like to make an extra money from home then you are in right place, all you have to do is receive and send packages to our customers then let us know if anyone besides you to take a packages to your home address,
The main thing that you are honest and conscientious worker, and do not let us down in front of our customers
We look forward to your sincere and honest desire to be one of our team.
I would like you to act quickly and give me an answer, it is very important.

First of all we would like to thank you for your attention to our company.

We are interested in your person, so could you please complete an Application Form to move forward with your employment?

For more information about position please. read through Job Description attached or visit our website.

I will be waiting for your early reply.

Thank you,
Nevena Rudova
Atleno Enterprise
Phone: (913) 800-7195
Fax  : (913) 273-1243

Del mismo modo que el otro día, vuelvo a buscar la empresa mediante el sr. google pero no aparece nada de nada… ¿Así que se puede tratar de un timo?
Voy a mirar de contestar y saber hasta dónde llega la madriguera del conejo.
PD: Cómo cuesta econtrar trabajo, madre mía.



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